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The Biggest Scala Cheat-Sheet.
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Scala CheatSheet

A "Cheat-Sheet" for Scala. Under development. Click on watch to keep you informed of updates. Designed for people who are already familiar with the Scala programming language, for small reminders.

I am not a Scala professional, so please report my errors in the issues, in order to have better quality content. To read, consider each section as a separate cheat sheet, not the whole project as a cheat sheet. Thank you and have fun!

Getting Started

You can read the Cheat-Sheet by accessing this link :

Table of contents

How to contribute

Install beakerx, edit scala_cheatsheet.ipynb and Pull Requests.


  • Pattern Matching
  • Parametric types
  • XML
  • Future and Promise
  • Akka actors
  • Delimited continuations
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