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@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ More background information can be found on Antony Marcano's blog:


- 0.0.4 - some cleanup
- 0.0.3 - Made caller() ignore the wrapping sub to test code that use caller() like carp() (thanks to schwern)
- 0.0.2 - Fixed syntax errors in login_recipe.t
- 0.0.1 - Renamed the BBC grown code Test::More::LikeXUnit into Test::More::Behaviours
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ use strict;
use Carp;
use Sub::Uplevel;

use version; our $VERSION = qv('0.0.3');
use version; our $VERSION = qv('0.0.4');

# Other recommended modules (uncomment to use):
# use IO::Prompt;
@@ -108,41 +108,18 @@ is expected to verify. It is recommended that it always start with "should ..."
=for author to fill in:
List every single error and warning message that the module can
generate (even the ones that will "never happen"), with a full
explanation of each problem, one or more likely causes, and any
suggested remedies.
=item C<< Error message here, perhaps with %s placeholders >>
[Description of error here]
=item C<< Another error message here >>
[Description of error here]
[Et cetera, et cetera]
=for author to fill in:
A full explanation of any configuration system(s) used by the
module, including the names and locations of any configuration
files, and the meaning of any environment variables or properties
that can be set. These descriptions must also include details of any
configuration language used.
Test::More::Behaviours requires no configuration files or environment variables.

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