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Blogracy is a simple peer-to-peer social networking system, built on top of Bittorrent.


The installation process is not yet streamlined. Essentially Blogracy is composed by two main modules:

  1. a Vuze plugin
  2. a web application

The build system uses Maven. If you have a working maven installation things should be rather smooth.

Getting Blogracy

The preferred way to obtain blogracy sources is with git. Blogracy main repository is hosted at git:// However, if you intend to contribute to blogracy, we strongly encourage you to make a fork and then pull request the modifications.


  1. Create a fork through GitHub repository
  2. The fork repository will be at<USERNAME>/blogracy.git where <USERNAME> is your actual username
  3. Clone the new git fork:
git clone<USERNAME>/blogracy.git

If you are using Eclipse, issue the command directly in the workspace or move the sources afterwards.


To get the sources "read only" simply:


Compile and Run

Issue the following command:


For more detailed information, read the instructions in the folder of each module:


The code of the present versions is mostly written by Enrico Franchi and Michele Tomaiuolo.

The project is currently maintained by Enrico Franchi and Michele Tomaiuolo.