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Blogracy is a simple peer-to-peer social networking system, built on top of Bittorrent. Essentially Blogracy is composed by two main modules:

  1. a Vuze plugin
  2. a Web application

This information regards the second module, the Web application.


To compile this sub-project, it is sufficient to issue

mvn compile

in the sub-project folder. This compiles all the Java sources. The classes, the resource files (those in src/resources) and the configuration files (in src/config) are copied in the "target" folder.

Maven and the IDE

Maven pom files are simply a description of a project. Such description can be easily interpreted by an IDE and can be used to build the project.

Suppose that Blogracy sources have been cloned to "/src/blogracy/". The first step, in the "/src/blogracy/blogracy-web/" folder, is just:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

that updates the eclipse project with stuff coming from maven. Repeat this step when something changes in the pom file.

Then, start Eclipse using blogracy as workspace:

eclipse -data ~/src/blogracy/

In Eclipse, choose "Import Existing Maven Project" from the "File" menu, and indicate the "~/src/blogracy/blogracy-web/" folder.

Feel free to read more documentation regarding integrating Eclipse with Maven. There is also an excellent plugin that can be installed in Eclipse. We however found that this first project setup phase is easier this way.

With IntelliJ things mostly work out of the box.


Issue the following command:

mvn exec:exec

Alternatively, you can deploy the webapp into any Java web container.

Blogracy web interface is available at: http://localhost:8181/

Executing Blogracy inside the IDE

Use the information above to create the appropriate configuration in the IDE.

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