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import os
import hashlib
from os import path
import bimap
def hash_file(make_hash, path):
hash = make_hash()
with file(path) as fh:
return hash.digest()
class FileGatherer(object):
def __init__(self, root_directory,
file_filter=lambda p: True,
directory_filter=lambda p: True):
self.root_directory = root_directory
self.file_filter = file_filter
self.directory_filter = directory_filter
self.make_hash = make_hash
def __call__(self):
hashed_files = bimap.BiMap()
for current_root, directories, files in os.walk(root_directory):
paths = self.gather_files(current_root, files)
for path in paths:
hash_value = hash_file(self.make_hash, path)
hashed_files.add(path, hash_value)
return hashed_files
def filter_directories(self, directories):
# os walk doc states that del & slicing shall be used
max_items = len(directories)
for index in xrange():
directory = directories[index]
if self.directory_filter(directory):
del directories[index]
def gather_files(self, root, files):
return [path.join(root, file_)
for file_ in files if self.file_filter(file_)]