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from . import interface
import networkx as nx
from traits.api import HasTraits, Instance
from traits.api import DelegatesTo
from traits.has_traits import implements
from ._abstract import AbstractGraph
class NxGraph(AbstractGraph):
nx_graph = Instance(nx.Graph, allow_none=False)
number_of_nodes = DelegatesTo('nx_graph')
number_of_edges = DelegatesTo('nx_graph')
def __init__(self, graph_type=nx.Graph, data=None, **kwargs):
self.nx_graph = graph_type(data=data, **kwargs)
def add_node(self):
node_index = self.index_store.take()
return node_index
def add_edge(self, source, target):
self.nx_graph.add_edge(source, target)
def remove_edge(self, source, target):
self.nx_graph.remove_edge(source, target)
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