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Commits on Nov 14, 2012
@rik0 Added possibility to save also the raw degree data. bc75228
@rik0 Now they also save the full graph. 8c8757d
@rik0 Added some more examples. dd85863
@rik0 Added more examples. fbf3273
Commits on Nov 18, 2012
@rik0 Minor fixes here and there. b538a13
@rik0 Added helper for profiling. d64bb66
@rik0 Added note. 6d6206a
Commits on Nov 19, 2012
@rik0 Improved SIR model. de37bd0
@rik0 Cleaned code a bit. 76260f1
@rik0 Removed unused import. 0a56dc8
@rik0 Now gather_ancestor works also with properties. edcf227
@rik0 Added support for termination checker. ad45259
@rik0 Fixed bug in method that was never called before today. 0f83b57
@rik0 Improved support for termination checker related protocols. 5138591
@rik0 Minor formatting improvements (again). 24ab66b
Commits on Nov 21, 2012
@rik0 Minor stuff in AsynClock. bf6adbf
@rik0 Fixed annoying deadlock. 18f5a09
@rik0 Removed unwanted print. 1b949d0
@rik0 Since the node manager waits for all the agents, there is no need to …
…print the number of agents active when the NM is stopped: it always waits for them to die.
@rik0 Moved Activator and Clock at the beginning of the file. ddb03ab
@rik0 Minor modifications. 95b5073
@rik0 Removed the concept of "simulation_options." 7f5475f
@rik0 Removed likely bug in never used function "remove_parameter". c046c60
@rik0 Introduced Component Creator. e4a31d6
@rik0 Making more copies and optional parameter in build. 7198ce6
@rik0 Change the semantics. Now kw args are accepted. df194d1
@rik0 Introduced default parameters for factories. 90d47f8
@rik0 Updated the way graphs are dealt with. Now nx_graphs receive the star…
…ting graph from outside!
@rik0 Applied stuff to the termination_checker. c35d5db
@rik0 Now configurator uses the new component manager. eb44972
@rik0 Renamed component creator to component builder. 9b48a6b
@rik0 Introduced ad hoc methods. 29a0948
@rik0 More ad hoc methods. 616d86f
@rik0 Removed some classproperties. Substituted with regular attributes. 245b6d4
@rik0 Local variable renaming. 2700cab
@rik0 Activator to components. 48cacf6
@rik0 Removed import line. 5397626
Commits on Nov 22, 2012
@rik0 Using Builder for clock. 0c492ac
@rik0 Extended component based stuff for additional agent. 01ff620
@rik0 Logger uses component based system. 64d6275
@rik0 Cleaned code a bit. Now created specific component builder for additi…
…onal agents.
@rik0 Removed unused method. 7113887
@rik0 Renamed node_db to agent_db as it should. 9d5e105
@rik0 Moved agent_db to component system. 80fd484