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Quartz-Seq2 pipeline

The repository provides a data analysis workflow for Quartz-Seq2, one of the high-throughput single-cell RNA-seq methods. This workflow produces a gene expression/UMI count matrix from fastq/bcl files.

System Requirements

  • git (or wget, curl)
  • docker
  • python
    • pyyaml
  • grid engine

Installation and settings

Before you begin

Install grid engein.

Install Docker for full pipeline reproducibility.


Download scripts

Clone from github.

git clone rikenbit/Q2-pipeline

or download script with wget/curl and uncompress it.

curl -o

tar xf Q2-pipeline_py2.tar.gz

Change directories to the following:Q2-pipeline.

cd Q2-pipeline_py2

Edit Permission

Sets the execute permission for the file.

chmod +x *.py
chmod +x *.sh

Pull docker container or build dockerfiles

docker pull myoshimura080822/bcl2fastq2:2.0
docker pull biocontainers/fastqc:v0.11.9_cv8
docker pull itpsc/seqtk:1.3
docker pull itpsc/fastx_toolkit:0.0.14
docker pull itpsc/picard:2.25.2
docker pull itpsc/dropseq-tools:1.13
docker pull itpsc/py2-pyper:1.1.2
docker pull itpsc/star:2.7.8a

Preparation of Reference data

Get Genome data fasta/gtf

In advance, Get fasta / gtf. For samples, refer "./reference/". Below is an example script for download mouse reference data from Gencode.


Edit makeref.yaml

Enter downloaded file path to following field in the makeref.yaml.

  • INPUT_FASTA: fasta file
  • INPUT_GTF: gtf file
# Gridengin queue name
QUEUE_NODE: 'all.q'
# Number of core
# job scheduler command
RUN_CMD: 'qsub'
# Container OPTION
DOCKER_OPT: 'docker run --rm --init -u `id -u`:`id -g` -v /etc/passwd:/etc/passwd:ro -v /etc/group:/etc/group:ro -v $HOME:$HOME -w $PWD'

# Container name
PICARD_IMG: 'itpsc/picard:2.25.2'
STAR_IMG: 'itpsc/star:2.7.8a'

SPECIES: 'mouse'

INPUT_FASTA: "./combined_mouse_Gencode_GRCm39_M26/GRCm39.primary_assembly.genome.fa"
INPUT_GTF: "./combined_mouse_Gencode_GRCm39_M26/gencode.vM26.primary_assembly.annotation.gtf"
REF_DIR: "./combined_mouse_Gencode_GRCm39_M26"

Run python script to build reference data


If it ends normally, the following files will be created under the specified directory.

├── STARindex
│   ├──
│   ├── Genome
│   ├── Log.out
│   ├── SA
│   ├── SAindex
│   ├── chrLength.txt
│   ├── chrName.txt
│   ├── chrNameLength.txt
│   ├── chrStart.txt
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├── genomeParameters.txt
│   ├── qsub.e.txt
│   ├── qsub.o.txt
│   ├── sjdbInfo.txt
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └──
├── combined.dict
├── combined.fa
├── combined.gtf

Edit configure.yaml

Specify the directory of the created reference data in REF_DIR.

# Gridengin queue name
QUEUE_NODE: 'all.q'
# Number of core
# job scheduler command
RUN_CMD: 'qsub'
# Container OPTION
DOCKER_OPT: 'docker run --rm --init -u `id -u`:`id -g` -v /etc/passwd:/etc/passwd:ro -v /etc/group:/etc/group:ro -v $HOME:$HOME -w $PWD'

# Container name
BCL2FASTQ2_IMG: 'myoshimura080822/bcl2fastq2:2.0'
FASTQC_IMG: 'biocontainers/fastqc:v0.11.9_cv8'
SEQTK_IMG: 'itpsc/seqtk:1.3'
FASTX_TOOLKIT_IMG: 'itpsc/fastx_toolkit:0.0.14'
PICARD_IMG: 'itpsc/picard:2.25.2'
DROPSEQ_IMG: 'itpsc/dropseq-tools:1.13'
PYPER_IMG: 'itpsc/py2-pyper:1.1.2'
STAR_IMG: 'itpsc/star:2.7.8a'

# Reference file
BCL_DIR: '/data/*****'
SAMPLESHEET: 'SampleSheet.csv'
REF_DIR: './combined_mouse_Gencode_M26'
SPECIES: 'mouse'
# Cell Barcode length 14mer or 15mer
BARCODE_FILE: 'CB_15mer_384_SetA.txt'


Pipeline Execution

Conversion of bcl

Conversion bcl to fastq, and run FastQC.

sh 1

Downsampling of data set

sh 2

Run all remaining pipelines

sh 3

As the process progresses, the message "~ finished" will be displayed. The script will end when it completes up to 17_analog_expression. Make sure that it is not terminated due to an error and that there are no jobs left, and if there are no problems, it is complete.

If you want to run the pipeline manually, run the python scripts sequentially.

python 01_bcl2fastq

Execute sequentially up to 17_analog_expression.

Delete intermediate data

Delete the intermediate file when all python scripts are finished.


Aggregate copy of files used for secondary analysis


When you run the script, the following files will be copied to directory.

  • FastQC
  • BAMTagHistogram
  • DigitalExpression
  • AnalogExpression
  • STAR Log file
├── 02_fastqc
│   ├──${SAMPLE}_I1_001.e.txt
│   ├──${SAMPLE}
│   ├──${SAMPLE}_I1_001.o.txt
│   ├──${SAMPLE}_I1_001_fastqc.html
│   ├──${SAMPLE}
│   ├──${SAMPLE}_R1_001.e.txt
│   ├──${SAMPLE}
│   ├──${SAMPLE}_R1_001.o.txt
│   ├──${SAMPLE}_R1_001_fastqc.html
│   ├──${SAMPLE}
│   ├──${SAMPLE}_R2_001.e.txt
│   ├──${SAMPLE}
│   ├──${SAMPLE}_R2_001.o.txt
│   ├──${SAMPLE}_R2_001_fastqc.html
│   └──${SAMPLE}

*${SAMPLE} indicates sample name.


Copyright (c) RIKEN Bioinformatics Research Unit Released under the MIT license (