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Band Framework

I like Symfony 2. However, it isn't right for every project and I found I had a few projects where Symfony 2 was just too big, slow and complicated. Symfony 2 likes you do things properly, using best practices all the way, and while that is great for new projects, when you have to support a stack of legacy code it doesn't always work out perfectly.

Wikipedia says: A symphony is an extended musical composition in Western classical music, scored almost always for orchestra.

Well, this framework isn't clever enough or high brow enough to need an orchestra. A Band would be more suitable...

So, if you want a beautiful PHP framework, using all the lastest best practices, use Symfony 2. If you want something a bit more fun to use, a bit faster etc, try Band.

Main Features

  • MVC Framework
  • Routing via Yaml
  • Templating using Twig
  • Basic Dependency Injection based Service Container
  • HTTP Request and Response handling
  • PDO based database service
  • Forms via Yaml (eventually)
  • other fun stuff, like a rate limiter, decent security features, memcached.