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Keyword Blocker

Block Youtube Videos based on specified keywords

This web extension can block YouTube videos or channels from view based on keywords you can specify. It features a very basic password protection and the block message is user-customizable.

Originally this was developed for a person who is easily scared and needed to be protected from certain YouTube searches. Because there was no easy way to do this I developed this extension.

Get it in the Chrome Webstore or for Firefox

Build instructions

  • checkout the repository and run yarn install
  • yarn run dev will build a development version of the extension in the dist folder
  • yarn run dist will build the release version


  • Due to a bug in html-webpack-plugin injected paths to the stylesheets will have a backslash instead to a forward slash. This will lead to problems when running the plugin on firefox.
  • If you build on Mac/Linux/Windows Subsystems for Linux it will work as expected