Minecraft Enchantment Simulator
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Minecraft Enchantment Simulator


  • To use online, click on the download tab in the upper right corner of the github page and select 'Single download version'.
  • To use offline, fork this repo (or download a tagged version) and open index.html.
  • It is reccommended that you use Chrome / Chromium, as its javascript is much faster than other browsers.

Choose material and item type from the menu at the left. The graphs will immediately update to represent the simulated probability of receiving different possible enchantments. Use the + and - buttons to select a chosen enchantment level and see how the probabilities change.

###Modes ####Graph enchantments This mode will display a bar for each possible enchantment given at your selected level. The height of the bar represents the probability to receive the enchantment. ####Graph levels This mode will display a bar for each level. The height of the bar represents the probability for receiving your selected enchantment at the selected power level for that level.


The script will run a simulated enchantment of given item at given level a given number of times. The procedure matches what the minecraft source code does at version 1.0.0, and should be pretty representative. The data from the simulations, basically a count of how many times each enchantment was received, is then shown in bar chart form. Mouseover the bars for detailed information.

Each bar will display the mean value for the probability of getting an enchantment as well as (optionally) a 95 percent level confidence interval. (That means that there is a 95 percent chance that the true value can be found between the upper and lower line in each bar - based on the simulation.) The middle line in each bar is the mean value. I think the values forms a normal distribution around this value, but I'm not sure.

###Charts: Enchantment distribution. - This is the most relevant result of the simulation. Each enchantment seen is represented by a bar, with the height being set to the percentage of times that enchantment was seen. Note that since some simulations generate several enchantments at once, the sum of the percentages often become more than 100. (How much more is given as "enchantment count saturation" in the info box.)

Number of enchantments - A simple chart that shows the probability of receiving multiple enchantments.

###Info box: This is mainly the bar charts in text form for usability purposes.

##License: My code and text is published at github.com/zazcallabah/mce with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Note that this probably doesn't include the ported data extracted from the minecraft source