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#risucraft rules
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Rules of #Risucraft

  1. Use a or for error reports. Never paste them in channel.
  2. No texttalk; slang is allowed in moderation. Text talk does not include more common internet expressions such as lol and wtf. It does include using letters that are not words as words, such as "u" to mean "you", and also includes words such as "plox" and "plz". If it's less than three letters and it's a word added to the dictionary since computers, it probably breaks this rule.
  3. Do not argue with the modders over something regarding the code in the game. They will almost always prove you wrong and it is a waste of everyone's time.
  4. If a modder doesn't want to help you with their mod and you keep on, they may ignore you.
  5. Don't intentionally annoy or continue unintentionally being annoying when informed you are doing so. You will be banned if you're too annoying.
  6. Generally, Google before asking questions. If Google doesn't have a result near the top, then your question is probably fine. In particular, if you make a beginner mistake, go to Google to get the full story, don't expect it to be explained in channel.
  7. We do not support MakeMyItem/MakeMyBlock/MakeMyWhatever mods or TFCMM. Sorry. Go elsewhere. If you continue to bug us about these tools, you will be kicked for being annoying.
  8. We do not support minecraft piracy or forum-release SMP cheat mods. While that implies that we sometimes make them, you can't have them unless you can prove you can assist in fixing them.
  9. No impersonation.
  10. If you're stupid, go be stupid somewhere else.
  11. Don't bug people about updating their mods.
  12. No ref-links are allowed here.
  13. Off topic discussion is okay, so long as it does not stop on topic discussion. If someone is trying to discuss on topic, you will be quieted if you keep trying to talk offtopic.
  14. Abusing a bot (botabuse) will result in a kick.
  15. If you spam or use stupid or overused memes, you will be quieted. If you continue, you will be kicked.
  16. If you ping the ops for an emergency, give them a damn reason and a name, or you will get kicked. We don't all have the time to read through a hundred lines searching for the one line you pinged us about.
  17. If you're a furry/brony/whatever, okay, we don't care. Just don't be an obnoxious fuck and rub it in everybody's face. If people start raging at you, you and them will be quieted. If it repeats, punishment will get worse.
  18. Don't anger the Fusurugi.

Other important information

PLEASE try not to take offense at some of the people appearing hostile, as many of them are tired of dealing with the same simple problems over and over again.

if you want to become a modder, basic knowledge of java or at least familiarity with programming in general is essential (if you don't know how to program, python is a good language for learning the basics before changing to a shitty language like java). not knowing java will keep biting you in the arse, trying to fix stupid beginner mistakes that wouldn't even happen if you read a tutorial on basic syntax.

if you get a blackscreen, run Minecraft in the console. this can be done with the command: java -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame where Minecraft.jar is the linux launcher downloaded from You'll need the one that says it's the linux version, no matter what operating system you're on. then report the error shown in the console. make sure to remove the line that says "Setting user:" as pasting it will let people log in as you!

18 is kind of a joke, though fusurugi won't see it as such.

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