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Bring back the classic context menu style to Windows 10 taskbar
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Registry tweaks

[Windows 10 Tip] Restore Classic Windows 7 Style Context Menus in Explorer and Desktop

Watermoon Toolbox

Brief Introduction

A small program brings back the familiar Windows classic style to your taskbar context menu. (Windows Classic style menu has an appearance which depends on your theme, it looks the context menu popup when you right click a title bar). The tweaker works by injecting a dynamic library into the explorer process which then intercepts some messages and hooks a few Windows APIs. This program doesn't have any executable EXE file.

The successor of legacy Taskbar-Context-Menu-Tweaker (the legacy branch), the new version employs a new code injection mechanism (MinHook) which dramatically reduces chance of crashing.

Supported OS

  1. Windows 10 10240, 10586, 14393, 10593, 16299, 17134 (both x86 and x64, up to 1803)
  2. Windows Server 2016
  3. MAY work on technical preview versions
  4. MAY work on Windows PE systems (No guarantee)

Developed with VC++ 2017

NO runtime dependencies! Works without VC2017 runtime!


  1. Choose the correct version, e.g. 64 bit dll only work with 64 bit Windows 10
  2. Copy the dll into C:\Windows\System32 (Not SysWOW64, ALWAYS System32)
  3. Inject the dll by using the following command: rundll32 TaskbarContextMenuTweaker.dll,Inject
  4. That's all, the context menu has been reverted back to the classic style


Customizing appearance of the context menu can be done with some registry modifications.

  1. Open regedit.exe with administrative privilege
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer
  3. Create a DWORD value ContextMenuConfig if it does not exist.
  4. Its value would be set to any of the following:
  • 0 - to show classic context menu in Taskbar (Default)
  • 1 - to show dark modern (immersive) context menu in Taskbar
  • 2 - to show icons in menu
  1. Create a String value ToggleMenuTitle if you want to add your name or other text string in Taskbar context menu


  1. After restarting explorer.exe, the context menu changes back to Windows 10 modern style. You have to manually execute the injection command. (Maybe I should make a light-weight background process which automatically performs this!)
  2. Add the command to registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run to achieve automatic injection during starting up.
  3. There's also a command for detaching the dll from explorer.exe: rundll32 TaskbarContextMenuTweaker.dll,Release
  4. "Inject" and "Release" are case sensitive!
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