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#Kernr.js Kerner.js is a jQuery based plugin for adjusting the kerning of HTML elements.

##Usage Include the jquery.kernr.min.js file after the jquery library in your project.

<script src="jquery.kernr.min.js"></script>

Apply kerning to an element on your page:


Use the data attribute "data-kernr" to add your spacing rules:

<h1 data-kernr='{"He":"-1px", "Wo":"-3px"}'>
  Hello World!

##How does it work? The plugin looks at the data-kernr attribute which is an object. It takes each pair of case-sensitive character matches and applies the spacing assigned to it between the characters.

Spacings can be any positive or negative valid CSS length unit such as px, em, rem, etc.

##Found a bug?

Submit a bug report above or here:


##License Copyright (c) 2013 Rikki Pitt. Licensed under the MIT license.

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