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Use of .on() is Incompatible with jQuery < 1.7 #44

jambox opened this Issue March 13, 2012 · 2 comments

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Eli Silverman Raul deltreey
Eli Silverman

First of all, great plugin! Thanks for publishing it...

The issue is on Line 172:

Because the behaviors are bound with .on() instead of .bind(), this plugin is incompatible with any jQuery versions earlier than 1.7. I know it's not ideal to be using an older version of jQuery, but I was just working on a site that is using 1.2.6, and a simple change back to .bind() solved this problem.



ping on this issue
is there any reason to why .on() was used instead of .bind() ?


I've verified this. The latest version of quicksearch does not have working examples because of this change. It uses Google's 1.4 version of JQuery instead of 1.7 or greater.

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