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Javascript plugin for Kanban boards

jKanban allow you to create and manage Kanban Board in your project!

Please try out the live demo!


Clone the repo and use the javascript and the css files in the dist folder.

You have to include

<link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/jkanban.min.css">


<script src="path/to/jkanban.min.js"></script>

in your page and you are done.


Init jKanban is a piece of cake!

var kanban = new jKanban(options)

Here's an overview of the default values.

var kanban = new jKanban({
    element          : '',                                           // selector of the kanban container
    gutter           : '15px',                                       // gutter of the board
    widthBoard       : '250px',                                      // width of the board
    responsivePercentage: false,                                    // if it is true I use percentage in the width of the boards and it is not necessary gutter and widthBoard
    dragItems        : true,                                         // if false, all items are not draggable
    boards           : [],                                           // json of boards
    dragBoards       : true,                                         // the boards are draggable, if false only item can be dragged
    itemAddOptions: {
        enabled: false,                                              // add a button to board for easy item creation
        content: '+',                                                // text or html content of the board button   
        class: 'kanban-title-button btn btn-default btn-xs',         // default class of the button
        footer: false                                                // position the button on footer
    itemHandleOptions: {
        enabled             : false,                                 // if board item handle is enabled or not
        handleClass         : "item_handle",                         // css class for your custom item handle
        customCssHandler    : "drag_handler",                        // when customHandler is undefined, jKanban will use this property to set main handler class
        customCssIconHandler: "drag_handler_icon",                   // when customHandler is undefined, jKanban will use this property to set main icon handler class. If you want, you can use font icon libraries here
        customHandler       : "<span class='item_handle'>+</span> %title% "  // your entirely customized handler. Use %title% to position item title 
                                                                             // any key's value included in item collection can be replaced with %key%
    click            : function (el) {},                             // callback when any board's item are clicked
    context          : function (el, event) {},                      // callback when any board's item are right clicked
    dragEl           : function (el, source) {},                     // callback when any board's item are dragged
    dragendEl        : function (el) {},                             // callback when any board's item stop drag
    dropEl           : function (el, target, source, sibling) {},    // callback when any board's item drop in a board
    dragBoard        : function (el, source) {},                     // callback when any board stop drag
    dragendBoard     : function (el) {},                             // callback when any board stop drag
    buttonClick      : function(el, boardId) {},                     // callback when the board's button is clicked
    propagationHandlers: [],                                         // the specified callback does not cancel the browser event. possible values: "click", "context"

Now take a look to the boards object

        "id"    : "board-id-1",               // id of the board
        "title" : "Board Title",              // title of the board
        "class" : "class1,class2,...",        // css classes to add at the title
        "dragTo": ['another-board-id',...],   // array of ids of boards where items can be dropped (default: [])
        "item"  : [                           // item of this board
                "id"    : "item-id-1",        // id of the item
                "title" : "Item 1"            // title of the item
                "class" : ["myClass",...]     // array of additional classes
                "id"    : "item-id-2",
                "title" : "Item 2"
        "id"    : "board-id-2",
        "title" : "Board Title 2"

WARNING: all ids are unique!

About custom properties

jKanban also support custom properties on items to improve your applications with html data- properties. You can define them at like:

        "id"    : "board-id-1",
        "title" : "Board Title",
        "item"  : [
                "id"      : "item-id-1",
                "title"   : "Item 1",
                "username": "username1"
                "id"      : "item-id-2",
                "title"   : "Item 2",
                "username": "username2"

Which jKanban will convert to:

<main class="kanban-drag">
    <div class="kanban-item" data-eid="item-id-1" data-username="username1">Item 1</div>
    <div class="kanban-item" data-eid="item-id-2" data-username="username2">Item 2</div>


jKanban provides the easiest possible API to make your boards awesome!

Method Name Arguments Description
addElement boardID, element, position Add element in the board with ID boardID, element is the standard format. If position is set, inserts at position starting from 0
addForm boardID, formItem Add formItem as html element into the board with ID boardID
addBoards boards Add one or more boards in the kanban, boards are in the standard format
findElement id Find board's item by id
replaceElement id, element Replace item by id with element JSON standard format
getParentBoardID id Get board ID of item id passed
findBoard id Find board by id
getBoardElements id Get all item of a board
removeElement id Remove a board's element by id
removeBoard id Remove a board by id


Clone the repo and look in the example folder


jKanban use dragula for drag&drop


Clone the repo then use npm install for download all the dependencies then launch npm run build for build the project

Pull Requests?

I'd love them!


Let's hear them! (The nice ones please!)


In case you're interested I'm @riktarweb