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import "dart:convert" show UTF8;
import "dart:async";
import "package:couchclient/couchclient.dart";
void main() {
// Connect to server per the provided Uris
// Here assume your Couchbase Server is installed on localhost
// Use "default" bucket with no password
CouchClient.connect([Uri.parse("")], "default", "")
// When client is ready, access the database
.then((client) => access(client))
// Catch all possible errors/exceptions
.catchError((err) => print('Exception: $err'));
// The unique document id of the document
final String DOC_ID = "beer_Wrath";
// The Json encoded document
final String VALUE =
'"updated":"2010-07-22 20:00:20",'
'"description":"WRATH Belgian-style ",'
'"style":"Other Belgian-Style Ales",'
'"category":"Belgian and French Ale"}';
Future access(CouchClient client) {
// Do a set
return client.set(DOC_ID, UTF8.encode(VALUE))
// Check if set succeeded and show message
.then((ok) => print(ok ? "Set Succeeded" : "Set failed"))
// Then get the value back by document id
.then((_) => client.get(DOC_ID))
// Check if get data equals to set one
.then((val) => UTF8.decode( == VALUE)
// Show message
.then((ok) => print(ok ? "Get Succeeded" : "Get failed"))
// Close the client
.then((_) => client.close());