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import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:convert' show UTF8, JSON;
import 'package:memcached_client/memcached_client.dart';
import 'package:couchclient/couchclient.dart';
* This program assumes that Couchbase Server 2.0 is installed and the sample
* data which is contained in default is created and ready for use.
* see examples of Java client in
void main() {
// Connect to server per the provided Uris
// Here assume your Couchbase Server is installed on localhost
// Use "default" bucket with no password
.connect([Uri.parse("")], "default", "")
//when client is ready, query the database
.then((client) => queryByView(client))
// Catch all possible errors/exceptions
.catchError((err) => print("$err"));
* The JavaScript Map-Reduce View function. It will look at the documents in
* the bucket and emite the name and id as a key value pairs, if they are of
* type "beer" and they have a name
String VIEW = '''
function (doc, meta) {
if (doc.type && && doc.type == "beer") {
* Read a document whose name is "Wrath" using the View function.
Future queryByView(CouchClient client) {
// Prepare View function with name "by_name"
ViewDesign vd = new ViewDesign("by_name", VIEW);
// Prepare Design document with the name "beer"
DesignDoc dd = new DesignDoc("beer", views: [vd]);
// Add the design document "beer" with "by_name" map function into database
return client.addDesignDoc(dd)
// Get ViewDesign function "by_name" from DesignDocument "beer"
.then((_) => client.getView("beer", "by_name"))
// When ViewDesign function is ready
.then((view) {
// Configurate Query object
Query query = new Query();
// Retreive the beer with name "Wrath"
query.key = "Wrath";
// Include associated document as well
query.includeDocs = true;
// Query the server and return the ViewResponse
return client.query(view, query);
// Process the View response
.then((results) {
for (ViewRow row in results.rows) {
// Convert List<int> to String
String data = UTF8.decode(;
// Print out some infos about the document
print("The Key is: ${row.key}");
print("The full document is : ${data}");
// Convert it back to an object with json
Map bm = JSON.decode(data);
Beer beer = new Beer.fromMap(bm);
print("Hi, my name is ${}!");
// Close the client
.then((_) => client.close());
* The Beer class to model the Json document
class Beer {
String name;
double abv;
double ibu;
double srm;
int upc;
String type;
String brewery_id;
String updated;
String description;
String style;
String category;
Beer.fromMap(Map<String,dynamic> m) { = m['name'];
this.abv = m['abv'];
this.ibu = m['ibu'];
this.srm = m['srm'];
this.upc = m['upc'];
this.type = m['type'];
this.brewery_id = m['brewery_id'];
this.updated = m['updated'];
this.description = m['description']; = m['style'];
this.category = m['category'];
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