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  • Dart 2


  • proxyRequest() introduced to proxy requests to another server


  • Allow user to map a URI to another website in router.


  • If StreamServer.onError is registered, the default logging will be disabled.


  • The line number won't be generated in the output Dart file. To turn it on, specify -n option.


  • Http503 introduced.


  • Rsp.nnf is deprecated. Recompile all RSP files to remove the use.


  • StreamServer.shallCount introduced
  • StreamServer's futureOnly argument is removed.


  • StreamServer's futureOnly argument is deprecated.
  • AssetLoader.cache can be set to null (to disable caching).


  • DefaultRouter.shallCache introduced


  • Server.pathPreprocessor introduced


  • [=data, encode: 'json'] is supported
  • LoggingConfigurer is removed
  • StreamServer's constructor is changed: disableLog replaces loggingConfigurer.


  • StreamServer.stop and HttpChannel.close returns a Future instance.


  • Issue 80: Allow [:include] inside[:for], [:if] and any tag
  • Specifying the etag attribute in the page tag won't imply lastModified="start"


  • Issue 79: [:script] supports the async flag


  • Issue 78: StreamServer.chunkedTransferEncoding deprecated.
  • The server will be started with runZoned() by default.



  • Issue 74: StreamServer.onError shall catch all uncaught errors


  • The maxlength argument of RspUtil.nnx() is renamed to maxLength.
  • Server.onIdle() and Server.connectionCount are added.


December 16, 2013

  • Issue 67: RSP's header directives shall be generated before handling ETAG and Last-Modified

November 20, 2013

  • Issue 61: HttpServer.bind(address, port, backlog: backlog) return null


  • The global variables, contentTypes and statusMessages, are moved to Rikulo Commons.


  • Issue 59: error mapping not work


  • Issue 53: FileLoader supports multipart/byteranges
  • Issue 54: Support If-Match, If-None-Match, If-Modified-Since and If-Unmodified-Since
  • Issue 55: Support If-Range
  • Issue 56: Generalize FileLoader to support the loading from different resources, such as database
  • Issue 57: RSP supports etag (and HttpStatus.NOT_MODIFIED)
  • Issue 58: HttpConnect supports method to retrieve the locale(s) of the request


  • Issue 51: FileLoader supports partial content, aka., range
  • Issue 52: FileLoader supports ETag and caching


  • Issue 49: RSP: Able to generate additional imported packages without specifying them in each RSP file
  • Issue 48: RSP: A tag to simplify the implementation of custom tags s.t. dev needs to implement a closure only


  • Channel, HttpChannel and SocketChannel are merged into HttpChannel
  • Issue 47: RSP shall escape $ to prevent Dart from interpreting it.


  • Issue 44: The page tag supports the part attribute to include other dart files, and the dart attribute to embed code before the function


  • Issue 42: Allow a Stream server to listen multiple addresses/ports and web sockets
  • Issue 43: Allow to map WebSocket directly without invoking WebSocketTransformer explicitly
  • Issue 41: Able to encode the build number into JS and/or CSS s.t. the browse will use the latest JS/CSS automatically


  • API changed because of the deprecation of Path


  • StreamServer.chunkedTransferEncoding supported for compressing the output with GZIP
  • Issue 38: Unable to use the nested groups in route segments


  • Issue 36: Change the spec of [:json] to generate a JSON object that can be parse as Dart object directly
  • Issue 35: A tag for generating the dart script for development, while generating only JS in production
  • HttpConnect.buffer is renamed to HttpConnect.stringBuffer, while HttpConnect.buffer reserved for bytes


  • Issue 32: HttpConnect provides API to retrieve the information of the browser
  • Issue 31: RSP supports last-modified as the time it has been compiled
  • Issue 33: The expression tag ([= expr]) supports the encoding option
  • Issue 34: Make the webapp directory optional


  • Issue 28: Support the JSON tag for simplifying the rendering of a Dart object
  • Issue 29: The homDir argument shall interpret the relative path against the root directory of the application


  • HttpConnect.error has been removed. All errors shall be wired back Future.
  • can be String or InternetAddress, and the default is ANY_IP_V4.
  • Issue 27: Able to configure Stream server to enforce the return of Future in every handler.


  • Issue 16: Make include, forward and handler to return Future if there is any async task
  • Issue 17: include and forward shall handle the query string
  • Issue 24: llow RSP compiler receive a FilenameMapper function to map output files
  • Issue 26: Support HttoConnect.redirect(uri) to redirect to another URI

Upgrade Notes

  1. The request handler must return Future if it spawned an asynchronous task.
  2. The request handler can't return a forwarding URI. Rather, it shall invoke and return connect.forward(uri) instead.
  3. The request handler needs not to close the connection. It is done automatically.
  4. RSP will import dart:async by default.
  5. The request filter must return Future.
  6. The close, onClose and onError methods of HttpConnect are removed. Chaining request handlers is straightforward: it is the same as chaining Future objects.


  • Issue 11: Allow URI and filter mapping to be added dynamically

Upgrade Note

  • The syntax of a tag has been changed from [tag] to [:tag]. The old syntax still works but will be removed in the near future.


  • Issue 7: Allow URI mapping to be pluggable
  • Issue 8: URI mapping supports RESTful like mapping
  • Issue 9: URI mapping allows to forward to another URI


  • [page] introduces the partOf and import attributes
  • [dart] is always generated inside the render function
  • Issue 2: RSP files can be put in the client folder (i.e., not under the webapp folder)
  • Issue 3: [page] partOf accepts a dart file and maintains it automatically
  • Issue 4: Allow to mix expression ([=...]) with literal in tag attributes


  • The composite view (aka., templating) is supported.
  • The syntax of the include and forward tags are changed.
  • The var tag is introduced.


  • URL mapping supports grouping, such as /user/(name:[^/]*)
  • is deprecated. Use start(), startSecure() or startOn() instead.
  • Support the new Dart I/O.


  • The filter mapping is supported.
  • HttpConnect.then is removed. Use Future.catchError() instead.


  • The error mapping takes the syntax of Map<code or exception, URI or function>.


  • The comment tag is renamed to a pair of [!-- and --]