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#Hello MVC

This sample demonstrates how to apply the MVC design pattern in your web application.

It is demonstrated by displaying the content of a directory.

It is for demonstration only. It is generally not safe to display the content of the server's file system.


In this application, the model is a list of instances of FileInfo. Each of them provides the information about a file or a directory:

class FileInfo {
  final String name;
  final bool isDirectory;

  FileInfo(this.name, this.isDirectory);


The view is implemented as a RSP page: listView.rsp.html. It will be compiled as a closure called listView, which will be called by the controller, as described below, to display the result. Here is a snippet of it.

<table border="1px" cellspacing="0">
[for info in infos]
    <td><img src="[=info.isDirectory ? 'file.png': 'directory.png']"/></td>


The role of the control, helloMVC, is to prepare the model for rendering. As shown here, the preparation is done asynchronously. It is very important for scalability.

Future helloMVC(HttpConnect connect) {
  //1. prepare the model
  final curdir = Directory.current;
  List<FileInfo> list = [];
  return curdir.list().listen((fse) {
    list.add(new FileInfo(fse.path, fse is Directory));
  }).asFuture().then((_) {
    //2. forward to the view
    return listView(connect, path: curdir.path, infos: list);