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#Hello Static Resources

This sample demonstrates how to use static resources in your web application.

##File Structure

###The webapp Directory

Each web application shall contains a webapp directory. The directory contains the server-side code and resources that are not visible to the clients.

Under webapp, you need to put at least one Dart file containing the main function. In the main function, you can start the Stream server as follows:

import "package:stream/stream.dart";

void main() {
  new StreamServer().start();

###Other Directories

Files under other directories are accessible from the clients, unless the URI is mapped to an handler. In this example, we put index.html, CSS and ICO file at the root directory. You can structure it the way you'd like.

##Launch the Application

The main function is in webapp/main.dart, so you can start the web server by executing the following statement:

dart webapp/main.dart

You don't have to change the directory to the web application. Stream will detect the root directory automatically by assuming the parent directory of webapp is the root directory.

###Visit the Application

After launched, you can visit http://localhost:8080 with your web browser.