📉 Takes the average tone of each beat of a wav file
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In a far-off galaxy, where alien ears can only hear the average frequency of the songs around them, what would their music sound like?!

As Plato and Einstein must have done before my time, I spent many sleepness nights tortured by this question. With this repo, I'm taking it head-on.

I blogged about it here.


Open _main_.py and change 'wav/flute.wav' to your input file, 'wav/flute_avg.wav' to your output file, and import_bpm to your song's BPM.


If you're getting weird errors about your input file, run it through Audacity and export it with no metadata. It's scipy's fault, not mine.

If you're getting any other errors and you've been at it for a while, it's probably best to just stop. I mean.. why are you even doing this? It's going to sound really terrible.