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Own This Website is an overengineered, experimental King of the Hill style game where players add their name to the front-page of a website.


The app is separated into two parts: a super-simple server folder for serving and storing player scores, and a static app folder that can be served from gh-pages or a CDN.

Fork it

First, fork the repo and clone it to your local machine by typing git clone<YOUR-GITHUB-HANDLE>/own-this-website.git. This will clone the app, server, and test folders, as well as this lovely README.


Make sure your server is running redis and has node.js installed before continuing.

Copy the contents of server to wherever you'll be serving this from, then run

npm install

To start the app, run

node main.js

Forever + Nodemon

If you want to keep the app running after you've logged off, check out forever and nodemon. These can be installed using npm

npm install -g forever
npm install -g nodemon

and run from within /server with something like this:

forever start --spinSleepTime 10000 nodemon --exitcrash

Nodemon should know to call main.js based on package.json, but if any of this doesn't work a more involved command is included in the comments of main.js.


Right now, node is listening on port 8000 and redis is on port 6379; if you want to use something different, just do a project-wide find (command + shift + F in Sublime) and make sure to replace all instances.


These instructions assume that you'll use gh-pages as a CDN, but the dist folder can be served from anywhere

In app/gulpfile.js,

  1. Change to point to wherever your static content is being served from. This is the location that your browser will show in the address bar.
  2. Change to point to your socket server.
  3. Change to point to your own repository.

Open app/CNAME and change to your own domain. These are a bit tricky to set up, but this walks you through it.

In app, run

npm install
bower install
gulp watch

This should generate a dist folder and open the app in your browser. If it's working, hit ctrl + c to stop the watch task, then

gulp deploy

You're good to go!

Gulp tasks

  • gulp watch: Standard build tasks + watch + autoreload; use during development.
  • gulp deploy: Standard build tasks + push to gh-pages; use to push static files to production.
  • gulp clean_dist: Flushes your dist directory in case it gets messy.

Gulp flags

  • --dev: Skips minification, keeps reactify debug on, and switches everything to run on localhost
  • --cdn={CDN}: Overrides your CDN url
  • --url={SERVER}: Overrides your node server url
  • --cdn={PORT}: Overrides your node server port

cdn, url, and port can also be passed in as unnamed arguments in the order [cdn, url, port].


Testing is done with mocha and should. To get set up, all you need to do is:

npm install -g mocha
npm install -g should

Once you're set up, run the tests by navigating to the project root and running mocha


Let me know!


🏆 An experimental, King of the Hill style game



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