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xoxo bingo


2019: i've been too cheap to get in previous years, but andy noticed a thread on slack and hooked us up! thx andy.

2018: xoxo was in the midst of changing their infrastructure, so i lost access to the attendee directory. hannah, jason and i met in a cafe before the kickoff ceremony and designed a static version with input from the community. hannah and jason made 25 icons in like two minutes, it was incredible!!!

2017: no xoxo, no bingo… missed u all

2016: we made the cards prettier by pulling in people’s twitter photos and doing imgmagick to them 🔮

2015: first bingo! eli and i used the attendee directory to generate a unique card for everyone (twitter login kept it private 🔒). squares on your card were other attendees - if you met someone on your card you got to check it off. we made it cuz we’re shy. most of it is in the pre-2019 folder!


each year pre-2019, this was coded on day 1 of the festival, a few hours before kickoff. plz lower your expectations before reading the source 🔥

in 2019 i'm a big grownup so i'm starting in august.

check the git history and the pre-2019 folder for how the old site worked. 2019-and-on is where it's at now!


Friend bingo at XOXO!



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