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Collect responses from your students during class!
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You can access the live version at

ActivePrompt (working title)

ActivePrompt (actual name still to be found) is intended to be an extremely quick way for teachers to throw out a prompt and collect guesses from students. Initially the prompts have the form of a picture and a dot - the teacher can ask students to guess where the dot should go, and all student answers are compiled on the teacher's screen.

I (rileylark) started this because I love the idea and I needed to learn Ruby on Rails & Javascript. I actively want help making this better and envision spending most of my time helping you make the project better. Check out to see the issues and email me at if you're interested in becoming a project admin! Otherwise just fork the project and send me a pull request when you've got something!

Development Setup Instructions

This is a ruby on rails app that uses postgres. Postgres is required by heroku, unfortunately, and it's sort of difficult to get set up. I hope the following will be a complete setup guide. Send me a note or a pull request with instruction fixes!

  1. Get ruby and rails set up:

  2. Get Postgres set up (mac: , windows: Sorry, you'll have to google for now)

  3. Get git set up:

  4. Click “Fork” on the activeprompt repository so you can make whatever changes you want:

  5. Follow github's instructions to download (“clone”) the code from your new fork (your “repository”)

  6. Run “bundle install” in the directory of the repository you cloned

  7. Run “rails s” in the same directory to run a local copy of the server

  8. With a browser go to localhost:3000 to see the app

  9. Change the code, commit it with git, and push it back to github

  10. Send me a pull request when you're done with a change and I can merge it back into the master branch!

Steps 1-6 only have to be done once.

I'm eager to help you work on this

I have no doubt that the instructions above won't work perfectly for you on the first try. Sorry! Don't spend hours searching the internet - I just did all that to learn this myself. Send me an email at so I can help.

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