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Generate poetry based on text corpus input
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Fountain Out - A Dynamically Generated Poem

View live here

Fountain Out is a dynamically generated poem that eventually converges to one word. It resets about once a day and converges differently each time. You may have to check back every now and then to watch it at different points before it converges, or to see where it converged that day.


Before converging: animated GIF

After converging: after converging image still

To run:

  • clone repo
  • run python
  • run pip install -r requirements.txt
  • hit up localhost:5000

Input texts:

  • Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons
  • You can add or modify as many .txt files as you want within the /texts directory. The text files are used as the training corpus.

General Poem Generation

Sample poem:

their less happy times 
        potentially benefitting
        particularly lonely 

                        and closed his eyes
                                and wavering motion

    a     a     a
                            few nervous steps
                                                    and stopped


promise said

several wealthy countries
have so far 

less intense more
successful when the

ideal dosage of
his painting influenced by genetics e.g time effort they
are to maintain
their efforts 

but it was difficult
to say what ’s so great

though the city

new york is
interesting is 

that woman ’s love about new york
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