Interface org-mode to google data via the command line utility
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Project  : org-googlecl
Contents : Emacs org-mode interfaces to the google command line utility.
Author   : Richard Riley
Email    : rileyrgATgooglemailDOTcom
Started  : Wednesday 8th Sept 2010
Git-Hub  :
Requirement : Linux, google command line utility "googlecl".

Example Output


M-x customize-group <enter> org-googlecl <enter>

(org-googlecl-blog) ; posts current org item to blogger/blogspot.
(googlecl-blog) ; more general function.

The most straightforward usage is to set up a hot key to call


This will detect if you are in org and if so ask you if you wish to blog the entire org
item - if you say "no" it will provide a normal text blog using (googlecl-blog).

This might be done like this:-

(global-set-key (kbd "C-c L") 'org-googlecl-list-blogs)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c B") 'googlecl-prompt-blog)

emacs, org-mode.
The command line google utility found here .
NOTE : you must set up the Blog authorisation from the command line before using these functions. 

Thie command line tool is for Linux. I have no idea about Mac/Windows equivalents.

The easiest way to to this is to "google blogger list" from the command line. If you have not configured
google with the config file use the --blog option to specify which blog. 

google --help

for more details.

Coming Up
Ability to list blogs based on title contents (done) and then jump to asociated org item if it exists.
Delete blogs from the blog list.
assign a UID to the blog and org item for instant match ups.
Might be nice to allow config of a user defined function for defining labels so can have content aware tagging for reposts etc. Possibly even linking to a github commit node.

Known Issues

I have a sneaky suspicion using the googlecl tool is fundamentally
flawed. Probably better to use the google APIs directly.

There are numerous issues with trying to reblog from the output of org-googlecl-list-blogs.
Probably linked to untrimmed subjects. Nothing so devastating.

The process finished message is at the top of the blog list created by org-googlecl-list-blogs