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Delta Emulator is an iOS multi-system emulator written from the bottom up by Riley Testut, the previous lead developer of popular emulator, GBA4iOS.

The actual "emulators" are not found in this framework because Delta was designed to be extremely modular. Each system that Delta can emulate has its own framework that contains the emulation core. Those frameworks are then implemented by this main framework. The links to each separate github repository can be found on the sidebar to the right. On this note, please report system-specific bugs to their corresponding repository (Ex. Pokémon Emerald bug/glitch goes to GBA).

Delta Emulator’s official website is and is downloadable from the AltStore.

Follow @rileytestut and @1carolinemoore for updates. Check out Riley Testut’s Blog for previous posts and updates about Delta.

Currently Supported Systems


  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Color


  • Game Boy Advance


  • Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom


  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Famicom

GlideN64 / Mupen64plus

  • Nintendo 64

DeSmuMe (patreon beta only)

  • Nintendo DS

Future Systems May Include

  • SEGA Genesis
  • GameCube
  • PlayStation Portable
  • PlayStation 1

Delta FAQ

All of the most frequently asked questions about Delta, answered.

Delta Features

A succinct list of everything Delta can do.

Delta Cheat Codes

All the cheat code formats allowed in Delta.

Delta Inputs

Ever wonder how many different ways you can play your games?

Delta Cloud Syncing

To keep your data, across all devices, secure.

Delta Controller Skins

To make your Delta experience as custom and as enjoyable as possible.