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ROM Formats

Delta Emulator only supports some systems and each one of those systems requires the ROMs file extension (.gba) to be a specific extension in order for Delta to recognize the system to which the ROM belongs. To make things easier for you, the extension is not case-sensitive.

When importing ROMs into Delta it is suggested that you import it as a zip (.zip) file. When creating the zip file, be sure to include only the ROM, if you zip a folder with a ROM inside the folder, it will fail to import.

Game System Supported Extensions
Game Boy .gb
Game Boy Color .gbc , .sgb
Game Boy Advance .gba
Nintendo / Famicom .nes , .fc
Super Nintendo / Super Famicom .snes , .sfc , .smc , .fig
Nintendo 64 .n64 , .z64 , .v64
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