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app to store your portfolio, with ability to upload graphics, categorize and comment
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Welcome to Portfolio

Portfolio is a web-application based on Rails 4.x framework that allows you create portfolio with images

Key features:

  • Upload artworks and show them in Gallery or Album
  • Organize photos in Projects, connecting a topic or event
  • Watermarks, Tags, Search, Contacts page, Localization
  • Useful admin UI

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Getting Started

Make sure following software is installed:

brew install optipng jpegoptim imagemagick

Clone project repo

git clone

Migrate and seed database:

cd portfolio && rake db:migrate && rake db:seed

Start the web server

rails s

Go to http://localhost:3000


Modify seeded user account and password

Update settings -> 'production' in database or login and update on site

Deploy with capistrano

cap deploy:config cap deploy

If you need to run remotely rake task, use

cap invoke COMMAND='cd PATH_TO_APPLICATION && bundle exec rake RAILS_ENV=production images:recreate_versions' cap invoke COMMAND='cd /home/username/apps/portfolio/current && bundle exec rake RAILS_ENV=production images:publish_unpublished'


I encourage you to test and use the software, send your pull-requests with improvements and suggest cool features!


Portfolio is provided as is, without any responsibility

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