Freeze the first column and headers of an Oracle APEX Classic Report
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APEX Freeze Column & Headers

APEX Community APEX Plugin APEX Built with Love

An Oracle APEX Dynamic Action plugin for freezing the (first) column and headers of a Classic Report (using the Universal Theme)


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How to use?

  1. Create an "After Refresh" Dynamic Action on the Classic Report you want to "freeze".
  2. For the True Action select "Insum Freeze Headers & Column"
  3. Make sure "Fire on Initialization" is Yes.
  4. Don't specify an affected element; the plugin uses this.triggeringElement


  • Can I freeze multiple reports on the same page? YES!

  • How can I change the height of the report?

Currently the report CSS defaults to 500px. It's very easy to override with a CSS line like this:

#STATIC_ID table.t-Report-report tbody {
  height: 750px;

Known Issues

If you resize the browser by making it larger, the header may fit, but the body may extend. A possible fix is to re-run the sizes code on head/body after resize. However, the workaround is to simply reload the page.


This plugin may have defects. Test, validate and use at your own risk and without any warranties.



  • Allow configuration to Freeze more than the first column.


Thanks to Insum Solutions for sponsoring this project.

Portions of the code are based on