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How to Rime with Weasel


  • Install Visual Studio 2017 for Desktop development in C++ with components ATL, MFC and Windows XP support. Visual Studio 2015 or later versions may work with additional configuration.

  • Install dev tools: git, cmake

  • Download third-party libraries: boost(>=1.60.0)


  • install bash via Git for Windows, for installing data files with plum;
  • install python for building OpenCC dictionaries;
  • install NSIS for creating installer.

Checkout source code

Make sure all git submodules are checked out recursively.

git clone --recursive

Build and Install Weasel

Locate weasel source directory.

Setup build environment

Edit your build environment settings in env.bat. You can create the file by copying env.bat.template in the source tree.

Make sure BOOST_ROOT is set to the existing path X:\path\to\boost_<version>.

When using a different version of Visual Studio or platform toolset, un-comment lines to set corresponding variables.

Alternatively, start a Developer Command Prompt window and set environment variables directly in the console, before invocation of build.bat:

set BOOST_ROOT=X:\path\to\boost_N_NN_N


cd weasel
build.bat all


Installer will be generated in output\archives directory.

Alternative: using prebuilt Rime binaries

If you've already got a copy of prebuilt binaries of librime, you can simply copy .dlls / .libs into weasel\output / weasel\lib directories respectively, then build Weasel without the all command line option.

build.bat boost data opencc hant

Install and try it live

cd output

Optional: play with Rime command line tools

librime comes with a REPL application which can be used to test if the library is working.

cd librime
copy /Y build\lib\Release\rime.dll build\bin
cd build\bin
echo zhongzhouyunshurufa | Release\rime_api_console.exe > output.txt

Instead of redirecting output to a file, you can set appropriate code page (chcp 65001) and font in the console to work with the REPL interactively.