A MMORTS / Empire game built on WebGL/Three.js
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Galactic Supremacy

Galactic Supremacy is a an open source (MMORTS/Empire) Massive Multiplayer Online - Real Time Stratagy and Empire management game built for the web.


The game is being written entirely with javascript and and makes use the latest web technologies.

For the front end, WebGL(using Three.js) is used to deliver 3d hardware accelerated graphics in the browser.

The server side is being written on the Node.js platform and is backed by MongoDB and Redis.

Communication between server and client is done via WebSockets for reduced overhead and latency.


Players start out on a single planet, from which they must build infrastructure and a sustainable economy. After which, they must research space technology and start colonizing other planet, moons, astroids and eventually other star systems. This is where millitary conflict comes in.

Space battles take place in a fully 3D environment, where ships can be moved in X, Y, and Z axes (think Homeworld). This introduces many new factors to take into acount when planning a move.

##Demo Some very early work in progress demos: Galaxy view http://mansoorsayed.com/gs2/ Starsystem view http://mansoorsayed.com/gs/

##TODO: More documentation

##Licence## This project is released under the terms and conditions of the (AGPL) GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.