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Jubatus Testing Framework

Jubatus Testing Framework (JTF) provides a framework to write tests against Jubatus standalone server or Jubatus clusters.


  • Jubatus 0.6.x
    • Jubatus 0.6.4+ for Burst Detection engine
  • Python 2.7.3 + Jubatus Python Client 0.5.x
  • RHEL 6.x or Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit)
    • Mac OS X is not supported (yet)
  • SSH Server/Client
    • Test nodes are expected to be accessible via SSH/SCP without interactive authentication, and the login shell is set to bash or zsh.


Basically, JTF is a extension of unittest module that comes with Python. JTF conceals the messy things regarding test fixture setup; just define the cluster configuration, and write test cases. The framework automatically configures cluster, start/stop server/proxy processes via SSH on the host you specified and collect logs.

Test results are formatted in xUnit-compatible XML, so that you can easily integrate tests with continuous integration systems of your choice.

Note that this framework does not cover the ZooKeeper cluster control. ZooKeeper must be installed and started separately.


Environment Definition File
The file to specify the physical configuration of your testing environment, including Jubatus installation path and ZooKeeper nodes. See envdef.py for the example.
Nodes are logical (either physical or virtual) server where the server/proxy processes runs on, identified by IP addresses.
Test Parameters
Test parameters are pairs of key-values passed to test cases, defined in Environment Definition File. To make your test case portable, define environment-specific values like path to datasets as Test Parameters and later refer to the value in test cases.

Quick Start

To see how jubatest work:

$ source ./profile
$ jubatest --config ./envdef.py --testcase ./test/unit

Other Resources

Refer to the Wiki for more information.

Developing Framework

To run the unittests for the framework, run:

make test