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An industry mod for minetest.
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An industry mod for minetest. With it, you can produce energy and use it to double, triple... ores, automatically mine and craft and do a lot of other industrial things.



Optional dependencies

mesecons digilines mobs


Just download the master branch, unzip it, rename tech-master folder to tech and copy it to your minetest/game/minetest_game/mods folder.



Bug reports

Send your bug reports to Use "bug report : tech" as the topic of your letter.


I prefer to be called Rinaldo of Amber.



tech code by rinaldoofamber is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

tech assets by rinaldoofamber are licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.


Crafts and furnace recipes are not listed here yet, they can be seen with the crafting guide mod.

Grinder recipes

Iron Lump -> 2 Steel Dust

Gold Lump -> 2 Gold Dust

Tin Lump -> 2 Tin Dust

Copper Lump -> 2 Copper Dust

Steel Ingot -> Steel Dust

Gold Ingot -> Gold Dust

Tin Ingot -> Tin Dust

Copper Ingot -> Copper Dust

Energium Ingot -> Energium Dust

Cobblestone -> Gravel

Gravel -> Sand

Mese Crystal -> Mese Dust

Ice -> Snow Block

Silver Lump -> 2 Silver Dust

Silver Ingot -> Silver Dust

Wheat -> Flour

Shaper recipes

Steel Ingot -> Components

Copper Ingot -> Micro Wires

Bronze Ingot -> Bronze Components

Tin Ingot -> Micro Tubes

Mese Crystal -> 4 Micro Mesas

Freezer recipes

Cell With Lava -> Obsidian

Cell With Water -> Ice

Composer recipes

Leaves -> Compost

Wheat -> Compost

Cotton -> Compost

Sqeezer recipes

Compost -> Cell With Biomix

Apple -> Cell with Apple Juice

Centrifuge recipes

Cell With Biomix -> Cell With Biofuel

Cell With Iron Mix -> Steel Dust

Cell With Gold Mix -> Gold Dust

Cell With Tin Mix -> Tin Dust

Cell With Copper Mix -> Copper Dust

Cell With Silver Mix -> Silver Dust

sand (or silver sand, or desert sand...) -> default:clay_lump with chance 0.25

Aple Tree Leaves -> Apple Tree Sapling with chance 0.05

Jungle Leaves -> Jungle Sapling with chance 0.05

Pine Needles -> Pine Sapling with chance 0.05

Acacia Leaves -> Acacia Sapling with chance 0.05

Aspen Leaves -> Aspen Sapling with chance 0.05

Purifier recipes

Iron Lump -> 3 Cell With Iron Mix

Gold Lump -> 3 Cell With Gold Mix

Tin Lump -> 3 Cell With Tin Mix

Copper Lump -> 3 Cell With Copper Mix

Silver Lump -> 3 Cell With Silver Mix

Rich Iron Ore -> 1 Cell With Iron Mix

Rich Gold Ore -> 1 Cell With Gold Mix

Rich Tin Ore -> 1 Cell With Tin Mix

Rich Copper Ore -> 1 Cell With Copper Mix

Rich Silver Ore -> 1 Cell With Silver Mix

Coke furnace recipes

Coal Lump -> Coke Coal

Tree (of any type) -> Coal Lump

Enricher recipes

Iron Lump -> 5 Rich Iron Ore

Gold Lump -> 5 Rich Gold Ore

Tin Lump -> 5 Rich Tin Ore

Copper Lump -> 5 Rich Copper Ore

Silver Lump -> 5 Rich Silver Ore


Put empty cells in the lleft slot of gui. The pump will fill them with a liquid wwhile absorbing source blocks under itself.


Silver can be only from the "sorcery" mod. All these machines require energy. To give a machine energy, connect it to a generator, advanced generator, creative generator, diamond destructurizer or solar panel by wires. To charge batbox, place power input between wire and batbox. To discharge batbox, place power output between wire and batbox. Sqeezer needs empty cells in the bottom slot of gui. Enricher needs compost in the bottom slot of gui.

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