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Add async timeout hander to Jetty adapter
Add a new :async-timeout-handler option to the Jetty adapter to
customize what happens when the :async-timeout is exceeded.
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Mourjo Sen committed Aug 11, 2020
1 parent f49de94 commit 5478a58
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Showing 2 changed files with 78 additions and 9 deletions.
40 changes: 32 additions & 8 deletions ring-jetty-adapter/src/ring/adapter/jetty.clj
Expand Up @@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
[org.eclipse.jetty.util BlockingArrayQueue]
[org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread ThreadPool QueuedThreadPool]
[org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl SslContextFactory$Server]
[javax.servlet AsyncContext DispatcherType]
[javax.servlet AsyncContext DispatcherType AsyncEvent AsyncListener]
[javax.servlet.http HttpServletRequest HttpServletResponse]))

(defn- ^AbstractHandler proxy-handler [handler]
Expand All @@ -28,18 +28,38 @@
(servlet/update-servlet-response response response-map)
(.setHandled base-request true))))))

(defn- ^AbstractHandler async-proxy-handler [handler timeout]
(defn- async-jetty-raise [^AsyncContext context ^HttpServletResponse response]
(fn [^Throwable exception]
(.sendError response 500 (.getMessage exception))
(.complete context)))

(defn- async-jetty-respond [context response]
(fn [response-map]
(servlet/update-servlet-response response context response-map)))

(defn- async-timeout-listener [request context response handler]
(proxy [AsyncListener] []
(onTimeout [^AsyncEvent _]
(handler (servlet/build-request-map request)
(async-jetty-respond context response)
(async-jetty-raise context response)))
(onComplete [^AsyncEvent _])
(onError [^AsyncEvent _])
(onStartAsync [^AsyncEvent _])))

(defn- ^AbstractHandler async-proxy-handler [handler timeout timeout-handler]
(proxy [AbstractHandler] []
(handle [_ ^Request base-request ^HttpServletRequest request ^HttpServletResponse response]
(let [^AsyncContext context (.startAsync request)]
(.setTimeout context timeout)
(when timeout-handler
(async-timeout-listener request context response timeout-handler)))
(servlet/build-request-map request)
(fn [response-map]
(servlet/update-servlet-response response context response-map))
(fn [^Throwable exception]
(.sendError response 500 (.getMessage exception))
(.complete context)))
(async-jetty-respond context response)
(async-jetty-raise context response))
(.setHandled base-request true)))))

(defn- ^ServerConnector server-connector [^Server server & factories]
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -138,6 +158,7 @@
:configurator - a function called with the Jetty Server instance
:async? - if true, treat the handler as asynchronous
:async-timeout - async context timeout in ms (defaults to 0, no timeout)
:async-timeout-handler - an async handler to handle an async context timeout
:port - the port to listen on (defaults to 80)
:host - the hostname to listen on
:join? - blocks the thread until server ends (defaults to true)
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -178,7 +199,10 @@
[handler options]
(let [server (create-server (dissoc options :configurator))]
(if (:async? options)
(.setHandler server (async-proxy-handler handler (:async-timeout options 0)))
(.setHandler server
(async-proxy-handler handler
(:async-timeout options 0)
(:async-timeout-handler options)))
(.setHandler server (proxy-handler handler)))
(when-let [configurator (:configurator options)]
(configurator server))
Expand Down
47 changes: 46 additions & 1 deletion ring-jetty-adapter/test/ring/adapter/test/jetty.clj
Expand Up @@ -398,6 +398,12 @@
(error-cps request respond raise)
(hello-world-cps request respond raise)))

(defn- hello-world-slow-cps [request respond raise]
(future (Thread/sleep 1000)
(respond {:status 200
:headers {"Content-Type" "text/plain"}
:body "Hello World"})))

(deftest run-jetty-cps-test
(testing "async response in future"
(reset! thread-exceptions [])
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -447,7 +453,46 @@
(with-server hello-world-streaming-long {:port test-port, :async? true}
(let [response (http/get test-url)]
(is (= (:body response)
(apply str (for [i (range 10)] (str "data: " i "\n\n")))))))))
(apply str (for [i (range 10)] (str "data: " i "\n\n"))))))))

(testing "async timeout handler"
(testing "when no timeout handler is passed, behaviour is unchanged"
(with-server hello-world-slow-cps {:port test-port
:async? true
:async-timeout 250}
(let [response (http/get test-url {:throw-exceptions false})]
(is (= (:status response)

(testing "with timeout handlers, ring-style responses are generated"
(with-server hello-world-slow-cps
{:port test-port
:async? true
:async-timeout 200
:async-timeout-handler (fn [request respond raise]
{:status 503
:headers {"Content-Type" "text/plain"}
:body "Request timed out"}))}
(let [response (http/get test-url {:throw-exceptions false})]
(is (= (:body response)
"Request timed out"))
(is (= (:status response)

(with-server hello-world-slow-cps
{:port test-port
:async? true
:async-timeout 200
:async-timeout-handler (fn [request respond raise]
(ex-info "An exception was thrown" {})))}
(let [response (http/get (str test-url "/test-path/testing")
{:throw-exceptions false})]
(is (.contains ^String (:body response)
"An exception was thrown"))
(is (= (:status response)

(def call-count (atom 0))

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