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Third Party Libraries

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  • Compojure: A concise DSL to generate Ring handler functions
  • Luminus: A batteries included micro-framework
  • Moustache: A micro DSL to wire Ring handlers and middlewares
  • clocks: Clojure Web DSL build on top of compojure, ring and scripture
  • Noir: A micro-framework that allows you to rapidly develop websites in Clojure. Deprecated in favor of lib-noir
  • Octohipster: A REST API framework that supports Hypermedia and Swagger


Session Stores

Leiningen Plugins


  • ring-mock: Generate mock request maps for testing Ring applications


  • Sandbar: Higher level abstractions for Compojure and Ring
  • graft: Translate URIs to functions for Ring
  • Clout: HTTP route matching for Ring request maps
  • ring-serve: Library for running a development web server in the REPL
  • ring-java-servlet: Generic servlet for using ring without AOT (only declare servlets in web.xml)
  • necessary-evil: A library for XML-RPC servers and client requests.
  • atompub: A library for Atom syndication (feeds) and the Atom Publishing Protocol for weblog editing and similar.
  • ring.velocity: A Clojure library designed to render velocity templates for ring in clojure.
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