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RingCentral SDK for .NET
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This project is a complete rewrite of ringcentral/ringcentral-csharp-client.


Package is avaiable on NuGet:

You can install it just like you install any other NuGet packages.

If you need PubNub feature, you also need to install one of the following packages:

Code samples

You can find sample code for all the endpoints.

There is also lots of useful code for your reference in our test cases.

For maintainers


Update version number in RingCentral.Net/RingCentral.Net.csproj & RingCentral.Net/RestClient.cs

cd RingCentral.Net
dotnet pack

Update version number in RingCentral.Net.PubnubPCL/RingCentral.Net.PubnubPCL.csproj

cd RingCentral.Net.PubnubPCL
dotnet pack

Update version number in RingCentral.Net.Pubnub\Properties\AssemblyInfo.css

Rebuild solution

cd RingCentral.Net.Pubnub
nuget pack

Reference: Quickstart: Create and publish a package using Visual Studio (.NET Framework, Windows)

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