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The MazeMaze is a School project.

This is a Java RMI implementation of a Maze MMO simulation at a very basic level.

To run the code:
1. Download project from
2. Import the project to Eclipse
3. Start the RMIServer in mazeoblig
4. Start the Maze applet in mazeoblig
5. Watch.

Enjoy, I didn't.

DESCRIPTION of the Process

mazeoblig.RMIServer starts the RMI registry and binds a
mazeoblig.BoxMaze object to the /maze url. Then the
mazeoblig.Maze applet is started and loads a
mazeoblig.Maze.LotsOfUsers thread to start n number of
mazeoblig.Maze.Worker threads, which each create one
simulator.VirtualUser that join() the BoxMaze through the
mazeoblig.BoxMazeInterface and then makes the VirtualUser move() every so often
VirtualUser.move() sends and update() call through the
mazeoblig.BoxMazeInterface to the BoxMaze instance at
mazeoblig.RMIServer who's
mazeoblig.RMIServer.Sender thread runs updateMap() on the
simulator.User interface for each registered VirtualUser which calls repaint() on
mazeoblig.Maze every time this happens.

And thar she goes!