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This is a toy extension I wrote while playing with random bytea string
generation in PostgreSQL. It was prompted by this Stack Overflow post:


To compile and install, just make sure pg_config is on your PATH and run:

    sudo make install

If you encounter any errors, make sure you have the PostgreSQL development
headers and tools, not just the runtime. On Linux you may need to install a
-dev or -devel package.

There are no pre-compiled Windows binaries of this extension and I haven't
tested compiling it on Windows - or in fact anything except my Fedora 17 x64
box running PostgreSQL 9.1. Needless to say, it's hardly production quality.

To use the random_bytea extension connect to the database of your choice and

    CREATE EXTENSION random_bytea;

You can now use the random_bytea(integer) function, eg:

    SELECT random_bytea(1024);

for 1kb of random garbage.

It seems to take much longer for `psql' to format the bytea data as hex and
transmit it over the wire than it does to actually generate the bytea data. For
speed, turn off all psql's pretty-printing and/or redirect output.

When you're using random_bytea for dummying data you'll usually be feeding its
output to INSERT statements where psql formatting doesn't matter.

For comparison there's also a random_bytea implementation in pure SQL, found
in the random_bytea_sqlonly.sql file. It isn't part of the extension, doesn't
require any of the other code, and can be used standalone.