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Commits on Feb 13, 2019
  1. systemd-239: Fix struct statx compilation on OSELAS.Toolchain-2018.12.0

    ringlej committed Feb 13, 2019
    Add upstream patch: systemd/systemd@9c869d0
    This fixes the following compilation problem when building with OSELAS.Toolchain-2018.12.0
    In file included from ../systemd-239/src/basic/util.h:28,
                     from ../systemd-239/src/basic/fs-util.h:14,
                     from ../systemd-239/src/libsystemd/sd-network/sd-network.c:13:
    ../systemd-239/src/basic/missing.h:1369:8: error: redefinition of 'struct statx_timestamp'
     struct statx_timestamp {
    In file included from /opt/OSELAS.Toolchain-2018.12.0/arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/gcc-8.2.1-glibc-2.28-binutils-2.31.1-kernel-4.19-sanitized/sysroot-arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/usr/include/sys/stat.h:446,
                     from ../systemd-239/src/basic/util.h:19,
                     from ../systemd-239/src/basic/fs-util.h:14,
                     from ../systemd-239/src/libsystemd/sd-network/sd-network.c:13:
    /opt/OSELAS.Toolchain-2018.12.0/arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/gcc-8.2.1-glibc-2.28-binutils-2.31.1-kernel-4.19-sanitized/sysroot-arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/usr/include/bits/statx.h:25:8: note: originally defined here
     struct statx_timestamp
    In file included from ../systemd-239/src/basic/util.h:28,
                     from ../systemd-239/src/basic/fs-util.h:14,
                     from ../systemd-239/src/libsystemd/sd-network/sd-network.c:13:
    ../systemd-239/src/basic/missing.h:1374:8: error: redefinition of 'struct statx'
     struct statx {
    In file included from /opt/OSELAS.Toolchain-2018.12.0/arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/gcc-8.2.1-glibc-2.28-binutils-2.31.1-kernel-4.19-sanitized/sysroot-arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/usr/include/sys/stat.h:446,
                     from ../systemd-239/src/basic/util.h:19,
                     from ../systemd-239/src/basic/fs-util.h:14,
                     from ../systemd-239/src/libsystemd/sd-network/sd-network.c:13:
    /opt/OSELAS.Toolchain-2018.12.0/arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/gcc-8.2.1-glibc-2.28-binutils-2.31.1-kernel-4.19-sanitized/sysroot-arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/usr/include/bits/statx.h:36:8: note: originally defined here
     struct statx
    [5/749] Compiling C object 'src/libsystemd/systemd_static@sta/sd-path_sd-path.c.o'.
    FAILED: src/libsystemd/systemd_static@sta/sd-path_sd-path.c.o
    Signed-off-by: Jon Ringle <>
Commits on Feb 12, 2019
  1. f2fs-tools: version bump 1.8.0 => 1.12.0

    ringlej committed Feb 12, 2019
    f2fs-tools-1.8.0 fails to build with OSELAS.Toolchain-2018.12.0 due to
    changes done in glibc-2.28 that moved 'major', 'minor' and 'makedev'.
    The failure is this:
    libf2fs.c: In function 'get_rootdev':
    libf2fs.c:508:3: warning: implicit declaration of function 'major' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
       major(sb.st_dev), minor(sb.st_dev));
    libf2fs.c:508:21: warning: implicit declaration of function 'minor'; did you mean 'mknod'? [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
       major(sb.st_dev), minor(sb.st_dev));
    libf2fs.c: In function 'get_device_info':
    libf2fs.c:794:36: warning: format '%lu' expects argument of type 'long unsigned int', but argument 2 has type 'size_t' {aka 'unsigned int'} [-Wformat=]
       MSG(0, "      %lu blocks per zone\n",
    make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/local/GRIDPOINT/jringle/git/linux-initramfs/platform-EC1K/build-target/f2fs-tools-1.8.0/lib'
    Making all in mkfs
    make[3]: Entering directory `/home/local/GRIDPOINT/jringle/git/linux-initramfs/platform-EC1K/build-target/f2fs-tools-1.8.0/mkfs'
      CC       f2fs_format_main.o
      CC       libf2fs_format_la-f2fs_format_utils.lo
      CC       libf2fs_format_la-f2fs_format.lo
      CC       f2fs_format.o
      CC       libf2fs_format_la-f2fs_format_main.lo
      CC       f2fs_format_utils.o
      CCLD     mkfs.f2fs
    /opt/OSELAS.Toolchain-2018.12.0/arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/gcc-8.2.1-glibc-2.28-binutils-2.31.1-kernel-4.19-sanitized/lib/gcc/arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/8.2.1/../../../../arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/bin/ld: ../lib/.libs/ undefined reference to `minor'
    /opt/OSELAS.Toolchain-2018.12.0/arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/gcc-8.2.1-glibc-2.28-binutils-2.31.1-kernel-4.19-sanitized/lib/gcc/arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/8.2.1/../../../../arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi/bin/ld: ../lib/.libs/ undefined reference to `major'
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    Upstream commit fixes the issue:
    Signed-off-by: Jon Ringle <>
  2. Make master date configurable for back-dating

    ringlej committed Feb 12, 2019
    Signed-off-by: Jon Ringle <>
  3. Merge tag 'ptxdist-2019.01.0' into feature/ptxdist-2019.01

    ringlej committed Feb 12, 2019
    Baeuerle, Florian (2):
          systemd: enable POLKIT support if polkit is selected
          polkit: add patch from upstream
    Bernhard Walle (1):
          Add rapidjson package
    Clemens Gruber (8):
          c-ares: version bump 1.14.0 -> 1.15.0
          host-cmake: version bump 3.11.1 -> 3.13.1
          protobuf: version bump 3.5.1 -> 3.6.1
          host-c-ares: new package
          grpc: new package
          grpc: add pkg-config files
          grpc: version bump 1.17.0 -> 1.17.2
          nginx: version bump 1.14.1 -> 1.14.2
    Denis OSTERLAND (1):
          kconfig: fix warnings on format
    Enrico Jorns (6):
          rauc: needs to depend on host-glib package
          rauc: align if statements in selects statements
          rauc: provide and improve help texts on config options
          rauc: allow to optionally disable SERVICE mode
          rauc: version bump 0.4 -> 1.0
          rauc: force busybox tar to have long options enabled
    Gavin Schenk (1):
          squashfs-tools: Use sysmacros fixes build with glibc >= 2.28
    Ian Abbott (1):
          template-src-linux-driver: Only install driver if selected
    Juergen Borleis (1):
          libpaper: Make the default paper configurable
    Ladislav Michl (8):
          libiio: new package
          wget: version bump 1.19.1 -> 1.20
          wget: add TLS support
          libiio: version bump 0.16 -> 0.17
          opencv: Use ptx/onoff
          libwebsockets: Use ptx/onoff
          libftdi1: Use ptx/onoff
          libiio: Optionally install test binaries
    Lucas Stach (5):
          lm-sensors: version bump 3.4.0 -> 3.5.0
          mesalib: version bump 18.2.0 -> 18.3.1
          bridge-utils: version bump 1.5 -> 1.6
          ethtool: version bump 4.10 -> 4.19
          mesalib: drop libdrm Freedreno dependency
    Marc Kleine-Budde (2):
          systemd: remove coreutils dependency
          host-coreutils: remove
    Michael Olbrich (13):
          collectd: version bump 5.7.2 -> 5.8.1
          protobuf: add upstream patch to use -latomic when needed
          mosh: build with -std=c++11
          ptxd_make_world_init: use the system python for python packages if 'HOST_SYSTEM_PYTHON' is selected
          qt5: fix build with icecc 1.2
          ptxd_install_glob: fix glob argument splitting
          libx11-locale: add missing dependencies
          qwt5: fix build with icecc 1.2
          poppler: fix build with icecc 1.2
          gst-plugins-good1: fix build with icecc 1.2
          v4l-utils: use kernel headers if available
          kernel: disable icecc for iio
          polkit: add debian patches
    Michael Tretter (2):
          kernel: fix download url for release candidates
          v4l-utils: version bump 1.14.0 -> 1.16.0
    Oleksij Rempel (1):
          kernel: add vmlinuz support
    Roland Hieber (4):
          gcclibs: typo: don't install when GCCLIBS_LIBTSAN is enabled
          doc: ref manual: document {HOST_, CROSS_, EXTRA_, }PACKAGES{-y, -m, } variables
          doc: ref_parameter: copy editing, readability improvements and typo fixes
          doc: ref_parameter: we no longer have separate image sections in menu
    Ulrich Ölmann (1):
          hostapd: version bump 2.6 -> 2.7
    Signed-off-by: Jon Ringle <>
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