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BarChat2 - A realtime web-based chat system based on node.js

BarChat2 is an open-source, realtime web-based chat system implemented using some newer web technologies, including node.js, MongoDB, and client-side templating. BarChat brings some unique capabilities to online web chat that aren't found in many commercial products, including simultaneous connections to multiple servers via a single client interface, and the capability to display and build custom chat effects.


These must be installed for BarChat to work correctly:

  • MongoDB
  • node.js


  1. Download the archive from or use git to clone the repo

  2. Within the barchat directory, run this to update all the required node modules: npm update

  3. Start the server: node barchat.js


By default, BarChat is accessible over the web via port 8080 on any host available on the server.

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