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RINGMesh has now been industrialized with the OpenGeode platform.

The legacy code is still available but the RING team supports, uses and contributes to OpenGeode.

RINGMesh dashboard

AppVeyor build (Window): Appveyor build
Travis build (Linux and MacOS): Travis build
Code quality check: Sonar quality
Code coverage: Coverage

General information

Please visit the RINGMesh website:

Compiling RINGMesh

RINGMesh is a cross platform project tested under Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
Please follow the installation procedure described on the RINGMesh website:

Developing with RINGMesh

RINGMesh is an open-source development platform. Any contribution to RINGMesh is warmly welcome. However, if you want to use RINGMesh for a particular usage you may need to develop a plugin. An example of a RINGMesh plugin structure is available on github.