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Philipp Naderer botic released this · 37 commits to master since this release

Core and Modules

  • Dropped Narwhal support
  • addToClasspath() throws an exception if it fails
  • Changed redirect() and notModified() to return the JsgiResponse instance instead of a plain JS
  • Added missing removeAllListeners() proxy method to JavaEventEmitter
  • Added y64encode, y64decode, isInt, isFloat, isUpperCase and isLowerCase to ringo/utils/strings
  • Minor improvements in the fs module
  • Removed UTC based calculation for dates.diff()
  • Added charset to JsModuleLoader's getReader() call
  • Allow setting of session cookie domain and path too
  • module.resolve() was broken on windows
  • Made httpserver more configurable


  • Improved the module documentation, added a lot of examples
  • Droped Maven's pom.xml: no longer maintained
  • Building a RingoJS-package for distribution now requires an empty /packages directory
  • Fixed JavaDoc errors


  • Switched to Jetty 8
  • Improved the Google App Engine skeleton
  • Dependencies: Instead of .orbit dependency: use direct download for Jetty
  • Adds new ant build target jsdocs


RingoJS 0.11 Release Candidate

Philipp Naderer botic released this · 39 commits to master since this release

If no objections, this will be RingoJS 0.11 on Monday.


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