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build simple websites with ringoJS using markdown

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This is a simple web app for publishing static websites with RingoJS. Most files are served as-is except for Markdown files (.md) which are converted to HTML on the fly.

Start the application with

ringo main.js

Then point your browser to this URL:


The default configuration will serve this application's "content" directory with its default templates.

To serve files from a different directory use the --contentdir option, for example:

ringo main.js --contentdir /my/content/to/serve/

Custom templates and configuration

A custom home directory can be specified with the --homedir option. Within this home directory you can override the templates, the config.json and provide the content to be served. A Simplesite home directory can contain the following:

  • "content" directory, which holds the content to serve
  • (optional) "templates" directory to override the default templates
  • (optional) "config.json" simplesite ships with an example config.json

To serve with a custom home directory, start simplesite with the --homedir option:

ringo main.js --homedir ~/my-simplesite-instance/
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