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# Application name defined in TARGET has a corresponding QML filename.
# If name defined in TARGET is changed, the following needs to be done
# to match new name:
# - corresponding QML filename must be changed
# - desktop icon filename must be changed
# - desktop filename must be changed
# - icon definition filename in desktop file must be changed
# - translation filenames have to be changed
# The name of your application
TARGET = mapbox-sfos
CONFIG += sailfishapp c++14
QT += location positioning sql quick
SOURCES += src/mapbox-sfos.cpp
#LIBS += -lqmapboxgl -lz -L/opt/gcc6/lib -static-libstdc++
LIBS += -lqmapboxgl -lz -L/opt/gcc6/lib
OTHER_FILES += qml/mapbox-sfos.qml \
qml/cover/CoverPage.qml \
qml/pages/FirstPage.qml \
qml/pages/SecondPage.qml \
qml/pages/MapMouseArea.qml \
rpm/ \
rpm/mapbox-sfos.spec \
rpm/mapbox-sfos.yaml \
translations/*.ts \
SAILFISHAPP_ICONS = 86x86 108x108 128x128 256x256
# to disable building translations every time, comment out the
# following CONFIG line
CONFIG += sailfishapp_i18n
# German translation is enabled as an example. If you aren't
# planning to localize your app, remember to comment out the
# following TRANSLATIONS line. And also do not forget to
# modify the localized app name in the the .desktop file.
TRANSLATIONS += translations/mapbox-sfos-de.ts