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Command line tool for Vapor stub (template) server generator from the OpenAPI (Swagger) specification written in Swift.

Targeted supported versions:


The OpenAPI definition of API design is a great base that could allow to create autogenerated code that:

  • Would be well-documented - as the OpenAPI definition by itself ideally should be a 'documentation' for client developers it could be automatically brought to the Swift code definitions.
  • Would share the generated Models and Request/Response code as much as possible between the RESTful server and client application which automatically would ensure serialisation of data passed between server and client is SAME:
    • No more typos-error debugging of failed requests (e.g. when one side sends 'licence' instead of 'license')
    • No more tricky errors of data types conversions (like Int64 vs Int32, the Date formats, etc.)
    • Shared models would be a SINGLE place you need to change if required
  • Would be extensible, ideally allowing incremental updates of code from the updated OpenAPI definition with minimal impact on manually added code.
  • Would be simple and Swifty, created so that thoughts like 'it would be easier to delete and rewrite it' should never appear in developer head when he sees it.


  • Encourage the API design first if it suits your needs!
  • Make implementation and prototyping of RESTful servers using Vapor event more easier by minimising boilerplate coding
  • Meet incredible and amazing Swift professionals who would like to join and contribute to this project! :)

Features - TBD, starting list to think of...

  • Generation of stubbed API server from OpenAPI document:
    • Models
    • Controllers
    • Routing
    • everything else needed to run
  • Use Security Scheme definitions for authorization and authentification support
  • Mock responses with data examples if provided
  • Comments / documentation generation
  • ...


Is welcome! Join and be the first one commiting real code!
Your can contact me via email:

Dependencies (Potential)

  • SwaggerParser - Swift library for parsing OpenAPI 2.0 (f.k.a. Swagger) documents into native structures (OpenAPI 3.0 support is "alpha"-ready, currently on fork).
  • [?] Yams - A Sweet and Swifty YAML parser.
  • [?] Stencil / Leaf or ... - need to choose something for templating.