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Currently I have only polished and committed my emacs config, but more configs will be added (eventually).

I use dotbot to symlink my config files from a (private) config repo into the correct locations in my home folder.

Emacs config

All files under emacs/ should be copied or symlinked into ~/.emacs.d/. You will probably need to customize this config to get it working in your environment, since I haven't tested this in a new emacs installation. I recommend copying snippets into your existing emacs config rather than trying to reuse this config wholesale.

Important: I byte-compile my emacs config for speed (M-x byte-compile-file and point it at ~/.emacs.d/init.el). If you don't want to byte-compile your init, remove the eval-when-compile call and just require use-package instead.

I use ~/.emacs.d/init.el rather than ~/.emacs to keep all emacs related files in a single directory.

This config heavily relies on a snapshot of the excellent org-mode customizations found at I have included this snapshot in emacs/lisp/org-mode.el although I recommend reading the original guide and regenerating your own version.

This config includes a customized version of rcirc that allows connections to multiple servers via ZNC on the same host. If you do not need this functionality you should remove emacs/lisp/rcirc.el and install the upstream version via ELPA.