Rinvex Country is a simple and lightweight package for retrieving country details with flexibility. A whole bunch of data including name, demonym, capital, iso codes, dialling codes, geo data, currencies, flags, emoji, and other attributes for all 250 countries worldwide at your fingertips.
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Rinvex Country

Rinvex Country is a simple and lightweight package for retrieving country details with flexibility. A whole bunch of data including name, demonym, capital, iso codes, dialling codes, geo data, currencies, flags, emoji, and other attributes for all 250 countries worldwide at your fingertips.

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Install via composer require rinvex/country, then use intuitively:

// Get single country
$egypt = country('eg');

// Get country name                                 // Get country native name
echo $egypt->getName();                             echo $egypt->getNativeName();

// Get country official name                        // Get country ISO 3166-1 alpha2 code
echo $egypt->getOfficialName();                     echo $egypt->getIsoAlpha2();

// Get country area                                 // Get country borders
echo $egypt->getArea();                             echo $egypt->getBorders();

// Get country currencies                           // Get country languages
echo $egypt->getCurrencies();                       echo $egypt->getLanguages();

// Get country emoji                                // Get country flag
echo $egypt->getEmoji();                            echo $egypt->getFlag();

// Get all countries                                // Get countries with where condition (continent: Oceania)
$countries = countries();                           $whereCountries = \Rinvex\Country\Loader::where('geo.continent', ['OC' => 'Oceania']);

Note: This package is framework-agnostic, so it's compatible with any PHP framework whatsoever without any dependencies at all, except for the PHP version itself ^7.0. Awesome, huh? 😃

Table Of Contents

Advanced Usage

Get country attributes (self-descriptive):

$egypt = country('eg');

// Egypt                                            // مصر
$egypt->getName();                                  $egypt->getNativeName();

// Arab Republic of Egypt                           // جمهورية مصر العربية
$egypt->getOfficialName();                          $egypt->getNativeOfficialName();

// Egyptian                                         // Cairo
$egypt->getDemonym();                               $egypt->getCapital();

// EG                                               // EGY
$egypt->getIsoAlpha2();                             $egypt->getIsoAlpha3();

// 818                                              // .eg
$egypt->getIsoNumeric();                            $egypt->getTld();

// [".eg",".مصر"]                                   // ["EG","Arab Republic of Egypt"]
$egypt->getTlds();                                  $egypt->getAltSpellings();

// Arabic                                           // {"ara":"Arabic"}
$egypt->getLanguage();                              $egypt->getLanguages();

// Africa                                           // true
$egypt->getContinent();                             $egypt->usesPostalCode();

// 27 00 N                                          // 30 00 E
$egypt->getLatitude();                              $egypt->getLongitude();

// 26.756103515625                                  // 29.86229705810547
$egypt->getLatitudeDesc();                          $egypt->getLongitudeDesc();

// 31.916667                                        // 36.333333
$egypt->getMaxLatitude();                           $egypt->getMaxLongitude();

// 20.383333                                        // 24.7
$egypt->getMinLatitude();                           $egypt->getMinLongitude();

// 1002450                                          // Africa
$egypt->getArea();                                  $egypt->getRegion();

// Northern Africa                                  // EMEA
$egypt->getSubregion();                             $egypt->getWorldRegion();

// 002                                              // 015
$egypt->getRegionCode();                            $egypt->getSubregionCode();

// false                                            // ["ISR","LBY","SDN"]
$egypt->isLandlocked();                             $egypt->getBorders();

// Yes                                              // 20
$egypt->isIndependent();                            $egypt->getCallingCode();

// ["20"]                                           // 0
$egypt->getCallingCodes();                          $egypt->getNationalPrefix();

// 9                                                // [9]
$egypt->getNationalNumberLength();                  $egypt->getNationalNumberLengths();

// 2                                                // [2]
$egypt->getNationalDestinationCodeLength();         $egypt->getnationaldestinationcodelengths();

// "00"                                             // {{recipient}}\n{{street}}\n{{postalcode}} {{city}}\n{{country}}
$egypt->getInternationalPrefix();                   $egypt->getAddressFormat();

// 357994                                           // H2
$egypt->getGeonameid();                             $egypt->getEdgar();

// EGY                                              // ua
$egypt->getItu();                                   $egypt->getMarc();

// EG                                               // ET
$egypt->getWmo();                                   $egypt->getDs();

// EGY                                              // EG
$egypt->getFifa();                                  $egypt->getFips();

// 40765                                            // EGY
$egypt->getGaul();                                  $egypt->getIoc();

// EGY                                              // 651
$egypt->getCowc();                                  $egypt->getCown();

// 59                                               // 469
$egypt->getFao();                                   $egypt->getImf();

// MAF                                              // null
$egypt->getAr5();                                   $egypt->isEuMember();

// null                                             // 🇪🇬
$egypt->getVatRates();                              $egypt->getEmoji();

// GeoJson data returned as string                  // SVG data returned as string
$egypt->getGeoJson();                               $egypt->getFlag();

// Divisions returned as array                      // {"official":"جمهورية مصر العربية","common":"مصر"}
$egypt->getDivisions();                             $egypt->getTranslation();

// {"ara":{"official":"جمهورية مصر العربية","common":"مصر"}}

// {"iso_4217_code":"EGP","iso_4217_numeric":818,"iso_4217_name":"Egyptian Pound","iso_4217_minor_unit":2}

// {"EGP":{"iso_4217_code":"EGP","iso_4217_numeric":818,"iso_4217_name":"Egyptian Pound","iso_4217_minor_unit":2}}

// {"ara":{"official":"جمهورية مصر العربية","common":"مصر"},"cym":{"official":"Arab Republic of Egypt","common":"Yr Aifft"},"deu":{"official":"Arabische Republik Ägypten","common":"Ägypten"},"fra":{"official":"République arabe d'Égypte","common":"Égypte"},"hrv":{"official":"Arapska Republika Egipat","common":"Egipat"},"ita":{"official":"Repubblica araba d'Egitto","common":"Egitto"},"jpn":{"official":"エジプト·アラブ共和国","common":"エジプト"},"nld":{"official":"Arabische Republiek Egypte","common":"Egypte"},"por":{"official":"República Árabe do Egipto","common":"Egito"},"rus":{"official":"Арабская Республика Египет","common":"Египет"},"spa":{"official":"República Árabe de Egipto","common":"Egipto"},"fin":{"official":"Egyptin arabitasavalta","common":"Egypti"}}

// {"continent":{"AF":"Africa"},"postal_code":true,"latitude":"27 00 N","latitude_dec":"26.756103515625","longitude":"30 00 E","longitude_dec":"29.86229705810547","max_latitude":"31.916667","max_longitude":"36.333333","min_latitude":"20.383333","min_longitude":"24.7","area":1002450,"region":"Africa","subregion":"Northern Africa","world_region":"EMEA","region_code":"002","subregion_code":"015","landlocked":false,"borders":["ISR","LBY","SDN"],"independent":"Yes"}

// {"geonameid":357994,"edgar":"H2","itu":"EGY","marc":"ua","wmo":"EG","ds":"ET","fifa":"EGY","fips":"EG","gaul":40765,"ioc":"EGY","cowc":"EGY","cown":651,"fao":59,"imf":469,"ar5":"MAF","address_format":"{{recipient}}\n{{street}}\n{{postalcode}} {{city}}\n{{country}}","eu_member":null,"vat_rates":null,"emoji":"🇪🇬"}

// {"name":"Al Iskandariyah","alt_names":["El Iskandariya","al-Iskandariyah","al-Iskandarīyah","Alexandria","Alexandrie","Alexandria"],"geo":{"latitude":31.2000924,"longitude":29.9187387,"min_latitude":31.1173177,"min_longitude":29.8233701,"max_latitude":31.330904,"max_longitude":30.0864016}}

Note: When retrieving single country, you'll get the full country details just like the previous example. But when retrieving all countries, you'll get a short-listed result set with common country details for better performance.

Features Explained

  • Country data are all stored here: resources/data/countries.json.
  • name
    • common - common name in english
    • official - official name in english
    • native - list of all native names
      • key: three-letter ISO 639-3 language alpha code
      • value: name object
        • key: official - official name translation
        • key: common - common name translation
  • demonym - name of residents
  • capital - capital city
  • iso_3166_1_alpha2 - code ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
  • iso_3166_1_alpha3 -code ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
  • iso_3166_1_numeric - code ISO 3166-1 numeric
  • currency - ISO 4217 currency code(s)
    • key: three-letter ISO 4217 currency code
    • value: currency object
      • key: iso_4217_code - three-letter ISO 4217 currency alpha code
      • key: iso_4217_numeric - three-number ISO 4217 currency numeric code
      • key: iso_4217_name - official ISO 4217 currency name
      • key: iso_4217_minor_unit - minor currency unit
  • tld - country code top-level domain
  • alt_spellings - alternative spellings
  • languages - list of official languages
    • key: three-letter ISO 639-3 language code
    • value: name of the language in english
  • translations - list of name translations
    • key: three-letter ISO 639-3 language code
    • value: name object
      • key: official - official name translation
      • key: common - common name translation
  • geo
    • continent - continents that country lies in
      • key: two-letter continent code
      • value: name of the continent in english
    • postal_code - whether the country uses postal codes
    • latitude - short form of latitude coordinate point
    • latitude_desc - described latitude coordinate point
    • longitude - short form of longitude coordinate point
    • longitude_desc - described longitude coordinate point
    • max_latitude - maximum latitude coordinate point
    • max_longitude - maximum longitude coordinate point
    • min_latitude - minimum latitude coordinate point
    • min_longitude - minimum longitude coordinate point
    • area - land area in km²
    • region - geographical region
    • subregion - geographical sub-region
    • world_region - geographical world region
    • region_code - geographical region numeric code
    • subregion_code - geographical sub-region numeric code
    • landlocked - landlock status
    • borders - land borders
    • independent - independent status
  • dialling
    • calling_code - calling code(s)
    • national_prefix - national prefix
    • national_number_lengths - national number lengths
    • national_destination_code_lengths - national destination code lengths
    • international_prefix - international prefix
  • extra
    • geonameid - Geoname ID
    • edgar - Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system
    • itu - Codes assigned by the International Telecommunications Union
    • marc - MAchine-Readable Cataloging codes from the Library of Congress
    • wmo - Country abbreviations by the World Meteorological Organization
    • ds - Distinguishing signs of vehicles in international traffic
    • fifa - Codes assigned by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association
    • fips - Codes from the U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard
    • gaul - Global Administrative Unit Layers from the Food and Agriculture Organization
    • ioc - Codes assigned by the International Olympics Committee
    • cowc - Correlates of War character
    • cown - Correlates of War numeric
    • fao - Food and Agriculture Organization
    • imf - International Monetary Fund
    • ar5 - Fifth Assessment Report (AR5)
    • address_format - Address forma
    • eu_member - European Union Member
    • vat_rates - Value-Added Tax
    • emoji - Emoji Flag

Data Sources


  • Upgrading To v3.x From v2.x

    No major changes, same API with 100% backward compatibility. Note that PHP v7.0 is now minimum requirement.

  • Upgrading To v2.x From v1.x

    Whole package re-written from scratch, just drop any previous code and start using the new clean, and intuitive API.


Refer to the Changelog for a full history of the project.


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