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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import feedparser
import re
import HTMLParser
import urllib2
def get_meneame(url):
"""Get links from using special names"""
d = feedparser.parse(url)
result = [(fix_url(e['meneame_url']), e['title']) for e in d['entries']]
# Avoid front pages from getting through
result = filter(lambda x: correct_url(x[0]), result)
return result
def fix_url(url):
"""Avoid URLs that don't begin with http(s):// and makes sure
the fragment is removed.
# Remove the fragment, if present
fragment = url.find('#')
if fragment != -1:
url = url[:fragment]
if not url.startswith('http://') and not url.startswith('https://'):
return 'http://' + url.lower()
return url.lower()
def get_title(url):
"""Returns the title for the given url, or the url
if no title is found
# TODO: perhaps^W re.compile is not the optimal way to do this
# HTMLParser would be a better choice.
data = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()
# Try to get title
ptitle = re.compile('<title>(.*?)</title>', re.DOTALL | re.M)
title = ptitle.findall(data)
if len(title) > 0:
title = title[0]
return url
if not title or title == '':
return url
# No multiline strings!
title = title.replace('\r', '')
title = title.replace('\n', '')
# Not optimal, but works
title = unicode(title, encoding='utf-8')
title = unicode(title, encoding='latin1')
# Unescape before returning: don't want HTML entities
return HTMLParser.HTMLParser().unescape(title)
return url
def correct_url(url):
"""Returns True if the URL defines a valid site"""
if url.count('/') > 3:
return True
elif url.count('/') == 3 and url[-1] != '/':
return True
return False
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